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Allulose is an ultra-low-calorie sugar that is found naturally occurring in jackfruit, figs, raisins, and molasses. Commercially it is produced by an enzymatic reaction from corn or tapioca. Ours is derived from a responsible, Non-GMO corn glucose.
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Not an “Added Sugar”

Exempt from U.S. FDA Sugar Labeling Requirements, Allulose stands apart as it only contributes 0.4 calories per gram has no impact on blood glucose levels. This is due to our bodies ability to absorb allulose but not metabolize it. As Allulose has an approved status for GRAS and FEMA in the US, it is a superior sugar replacement in reduced carb and Keto formulations due to the major benefits it provides.

Key Benefits

Reduced Calories and Diabetic Friendly 

  • 0.4 cal/g calories, only 5% what sucrose provides
  • Zero glycemic response on blood sugar

Synergistic Effect 

  • Cooperates with other sweeteners to achieve desired formulation  

Pleasant Taste

  • Similar temporal flavor profile but 70% relative sweetness to sucrose
  • Clean aftertaste and satisfying mouth feel 

Similar Behavior to Sucrose

  • Good water solubility
  • Browns and generates flavor through Maillard Reaction
  • Depresses freezing point and useful in frozen products

With it’s many alluring benefits, Allulose has a broad scope of applications

Non-GMO Product offerings are available in both conventional and organic

  • Allulose Liquid
  • Allulose Powder
  • Allulose Crystal

Please contact your Sales Representative to discuss your water-soluble CBD projects!

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Updated: February 8, 2021