Natural Non-GMO Vitamin E

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Derived From Real Food

Shanghai Freemen is proud to offer a variety of grades of Non-GMO natural Vitamin E, derived from soybean, sunflower, rice, and palm. The health benefits of natural Vitamin E are endless, as they provide antioxidants, support immune function, promote eye health, maintain healthy cholesterol levels, and fight inflammation. Not only does natural vitamin E come from a real Non-GMP food source, but it is also significantly more bioavailable than synthetic Vitamin E.
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Grades & Applications

Shanghai Freemen not only focuses on the most common grades of natural Vitamin E in both oil and powder forms for a variety of applications, but also offers customized grades to meet special applications.

Shanghai Freemen works with suppliers who have superior and sustainable manufacturing process to produce high quality products while reduce environmental pollution. These suppliers are vertically integrated to mitigate the major supply risks and ensure long term competitive pricing commitments.

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Updated: December 8, 2020