Stevia Blends

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Natural Low Calorie Sweetener

Stevia has become ever so popular in the nutraceutical and food & beverage industry due to the natural profile of the product. Clean labels, non-GMO, and natural products are desired by health-conscious consumers. This leads to a great pathway for Stevia to be used in many different applications. This diverse product can be used in beverages, powders, and even baked goods to help reduce total sugar and caloric values.
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Why choose SoPure Stevia Blends?

Not all Stevia is created equal, and Reb-A is not the only game in town anymore. Over the past five years, cultivation practices have had a significant effect on the steviol glycosides’ yield and breakdown. The SoPure blends of stevia utilize unique combinations of the steviol glycosides to address targeted flavor profiles in a variety of applications. SoPure stevia blends can help achieve specific sugar reduction targets or zero sugar claims. These solution-oriented blends will allow product developers the ability to stack SoPure in a formulation or use as a standalone. 

SoPure’s Sustainable Agronomy

Stevia is the only sustainable natural sweetener. SoPure is dedicated to agricultural sustainability and corporate responsibility by providing agronomy investments to local and global stevia farming communities, R&D focused on higher yields/leaf, all while reducing carbon and water footprint. SoPure offers a variety of blended glycoside combinations to provide the best flavor profile for any budget, as shown in the chart below. 

R&D Support

At Shanghai Freemen we have partnered with the SoPure team to help guide R&D and P&D. When technical difficulties come up, we can turn to the experts at SoPure to guide us through this process. 

Questions R&D might ask themselves when formulating with stevia blends:

  1. What specific application(s) are you looking to use it for?
  2. What is the sucrose/ Brix equivalent of what you are looking to utilize with stevia or the ppm level of stevia?
  3. What are your other sweeteners in the formula and the approximate sucrose equivalence?
  4. Are there any relevant nutritional targets or claims?
  5. Are there any cost limitations in usage?

About the Manufacturer

Zhucheng Haotian Pharm Co., LTD (ZCHT) was founded in 1999. In 2003 the factory acquired its GMP and Drug Manufacturing License, and in 2009 emerged as a leading manufacturer of Stevia. In 2011 ZCHT launched its seed research and agronomy technology programs. ZCHT has grown to become a vertically integrated producer and has developed technology to maximize the yield of the third generation Stevia products (RC, RD, and RM).

Shanghai Freemen is a minority owner and strategic distributor of the SoPure Stevia brand. Our customers have come to rely on the quality and great taste of SoPure Stevia. 

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Updated: November 11, 2020