Water-Soluble CBD

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Superior Solubility and Absorption

Inspired by the bodies’ natural absorption process of fat-soluble molecules, the Micellar delivery system creates a single-layer coverage around oil droplets, increasing solubility, and further absorption into the digestive tract. Utilizing a GRAS solubilizer matrix, micelles effortlessly pass through the intestinal barrier and thus achieve a high absorption rate into the bloodstream.
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Overview of Micelle Delivery System

Additionally, Micelle technology preserves the integrity of active components such as CBD regardless of the intended applications. This superior water-soluble technology not only solves the application challenge posed by oil-form CBD but also maximizes the stability of the actives and the effectiveness of them entering the human body. 

Key Benefits & Features of Micelle Water-Soluble CBD


Standardized Offerings

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Updated: January 12, 2021